Innovative Solutions

Tackling Tough Challenges Head On

innovative training solutions


The true competitive advantage for our nation and its workforce can be realized by improving human performance.  Fifty Pound Brains has worked deeply at the national level to discover, develop, and help deploy the next generation of learning technologies that will enable this advantage.  Let us show you how we can drive performance through training to increase your competitive edge.

innovative government solutions


We are witnessing an unprecedented opportunity for government to improve its business practices and accelerate the process of getting needed products to government customers.  Fifty Pound Brains has been at the forefront of developing business processes and innovative approaches by using Other Transactional Authorities (OTAs) with its government partners. Let us show you how you can use these existing authorities to drive business results with your clients.

innovative cybersecurity solutions

Cyber Security

Cyber is not just the battlefield of tomorrow, it’s the battlefield of today. Fifty Pound Brains is partnered with industry leaders in cyber security risk management with a specific focus on supply chain.  Let us show you how to protect your business, your clients, and our nation on this battlefield.

innovative venture solutions


Fifty Pound Ventures is the capital arm of Fifty Pound Brains that is partnered with industry leaders to meet the unique capital needs of companies working in the government contracting domain. Small, large, or somewhere in between… we can find the capital solution that works best for you and your vision for your company.